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News & Reviews

Caffe Ibis® has appeared in a variety of local and national publications for its coffee and commitment to community. Here is a sampling from the last several years:

  • Waxingandwayneing'sweblog: I recently met the owners of Caffe Ibis Coffee Roasting Company, which has taken coffee to a new level of distinction: “Tripled Certified Coffee”.  The first of the three levels is organic. Read online article.
  • "Coffee Linked to Lower Risk of Fatal Prostate Cancer," March 17, 2011. Read online article.
  • "Worlds Most Sustainable Coffee?" Read online article.
  • Organic Trade "More and More Venues Feature Organic Coffee," September 28, 2010. Read online article.
  • Wine Spectator: "Going Organic, for Good," Mark Pendergrast, March 31, 2010. Read online article.
  • VegNews, Fair Trade Coffee, March/April 2010.
  • Better World Shopping Guide: Caffe Ibis received an "A" Grade for making every dollar make a difference.
  • Salt Lake Tribune: "At Caffe Ibis in Logan, social change is brewing," Arrin Newton Brunson, August 7, 2009.
  • Reuters & "World's Most Sustainable Coffee?" Scott Cooney, May 12, 2009. Read online article. 
  • Salt Lake City Weekly: "The Green 25: Ecopreneur Scott Cooney gives props to local green pioneers and innovators," Scott Cooney, May 6, 2009. Read online article.
  • Hard News Café: "Ibis an oasis of hipness -- and fine coffee -- in LDS Logan," Blaine Adams, May 12, 2009. Read online article.
  • KUSU FM Radio: Multiple live interviews on "Fair Trade, Smithsonian Shade Grown Coffee, Sustainable Business Practice, Organic Coffee," 2008.
  • Total Health Magazine: "Coffee The Next Great Health Food…For Who?" 2008.
  • Sunset Magazine: "Living in the West," 2008.
  • Salt Lake Magazine: "A Matter of Justice," 2008.
  • Salt Lake Magazine: "Coffee that Cares," 2008.
  • KUTV 2: "Morning show from Caffe Ibis" 2007.
  • The Catalyst Magazine: "Chef Profile: Caffe Ibis," Mandy Jeppsen, January 31, 2007. Read online article.
  • The New Mexican: "Couple Joins Coffee Revolution," 2007.
  • KRON TV San Francisco: "Caffe Ibis Triple Certified Coffee."
  • The Catalyst Magazine: "Coffee Women," 2006.
  • Organic Style Magazine: "Best of the Best," 2005.
  • Roast Magazine: "Café Femenino Empowering Women," March/April, 2005. Read online article.
  • Coffee Magazine: "Caffe Ibis …A Surreal, Eclectic Paradise," 2005
  • Audubon Magazine: "Caffe Ibis Triple Certified Coffee," 2005
  • Utne Magazine: "Caffe Ibis shade grown coffee," 2005
  • Yogi Times: "Caffe Ibis at the Sundance Film Festival," 2005
  • Alternative Health Magazine: "For a clear conscience, drink Caffe Ibis," 2005
  • Via Magazine: "Healthy Food Alternatives," 2004
  • Fresh Cup Magazine: "Café Femenino," 2004
  • Newsweek Magazine: "Tip Sheet: Must have Coffee Klatsch," 2003
  • Street Magazine: "Caffe Ibis Randy Wirth and Sally Sears