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Coffee Trip to Aceh, Indonesia

Randy's Fair Trade USA coffee trip to Aceh, Indonesia.


Plane ride to Aceh, IndonesiaAceh arrival1Base camp2 Lake Tawar our base camp for the trip


Cupping at the Gayo co-opcupping at gayo4

sibling rivalry8Kids in traditional Muslim dress except the Spider-Man backpack and Mickey Mouse backpack!

cupping at kopepi coop5Cupping at the Kopepi co-op. They are in the process of organizing an all womens co-op.

Laura Ann from FairTrade USA.Laura Ann Fairtradeusa7

A stop for espresso at Hip Coffee.Hipcoffee

AcehhighlandsAceh Sumatra Higlands.  This picture was taken outside of a farmers meeting house.

FarmmeetingJust before farm meeting to pick the location of a new wet mill and to vote on a president...secretary...and treasurer for village farm organization

laketwarView of Lake Tawar community with one of a dozen mosks.