Randy's Fair Trade USA coffee trip to Aceh, Indonesia.


Plane ride to Aceh, IndonesiaAceh arrival1Base camp2 Lake Tawar our base camp for the trip


Cupping at the Gayo co-opcupping at gayo4

sibling rivalry8Kids in traditional Muslim dress except the Spider-Man backpack and Mickey Mouse backpack!

cupping at kopepi coop5Cupping at the Kopepi co-op. They are in the process of organizing an all womens co-op.

Laura Ann from FairTrade USA.Laura Ann Fairtradeusa7

A stop for espresso at Hip Coffee.Hipcoffee

AcehhighlandsAceh Sumatra Higlands.  This picture was taken outside of a farmers meeting house.

FarmmeetingJust before farm meeting to pick the location of a new wet mill and to vote on a president...secretary...and treasurer for village farm organization

laketwarView of Lake Tawar community with one of a dozen mosks.