Reviews & Articles

Caffe Ibis® has appeared in a variety of local and national publications for its coffee and commitment to community. Here is a sampling from the last several years:

Salt Lake Magazine, "Coloring Outside the Lines," February 24, 2016.

Daily Coffee News, "Epic Brewing Collaborating with 10 Indie Roasters for Stout Release," February 23, 2016.

Edible Wasatch, "Conscientious Coffee: The Bright Green Bean," Winter 2012.

Liberalis, "Improving the World, One Cup at a Time," Summer 2012.

Waxingandwayneing'sweblog, "I recently met the owners of Caffe Ibis Coffee Roasting Company, which has taken coffee to a new level of distinction: “Tripled Certified Coffee”. The first of the three levels is organic..."

Now in Teton Valley, "There’s a New Beer in Town," 2011., "Coffee Linked to Lower Risk of Fatal Prostate Cancer," March 17, 2011., "Worlds Most Sustainable Coffee?"

Organic Trade, "More and More Venues Feature Organic Coffee," September 28, 2010.

Wine Spectator, "Going Organic, for Good," Mark Pendergrast, March 31, 2010.

VegNews, Fair Trade Coffee, March/April 2010.

Better World Shopping Guide, Caffe Ibis received an "A" Grade for making every dollar make a difference.

Salt Lake Tribune, "At Caffe Ibis in Logan, social change is brewing," Arrin Newton Brunson, August 7, 2009.

Reuters & "World's Most Sustainable Coffee?" Scott Cooney, May 12, 2009.

Salt Lake City Weekly, "The Green 25: Ecopreneur Scott Cooney gives props to local green pioneers and innovators," Scott Cooney, May 6, 2009.

Hard News Café, "Ibis an oasis of hipness -- and fine coffee -- in LDS Logan," Blaine Adams, May 12, 2009.

KUSU FM Radio, Multiple live interviews on "Fair Trade, Smithsonian Shade Grown Coffee, Sustainable Business Practice, Organic Coffee," 2008.

Total Health Magazine, "Coffee The Next Great Health Food…For Who?" 2008.

Sunset Magazine, "Living in the West," 2008.

Salt Lake Magazine, "A Matter of Justice," 2008.

Salt Lake Magazine, "Coffee that Cares," 2008.

KUTV 2, "Morning show from Caffe Ibis" 2007.

The Catalyst Magazine, "Chef Profile: Caffe Ibis," Mandy Jeppsen, January 31, 2007.

The New Mexican, "Couple Joins Coffee Revolution," 2007.

KRON TV San Francisco, "Caffe Ibis Triple Certified Coffee."

The Catalyst Magazine, "Coffee Women," 2006.

Organic Style Magazine, "Best of the Best," 2005.

Roast Magazine, "Café Femenino Empowering Women," March/April, 2005.

Coffee Magazine, "Caffe Ibis …A Surreal, Eclectic Paradise," 2005

Audubon Magazine, "Caffe Ibis Triple Certified Coffee," 2005

Utne Magazine, "Caffe Ibis shade grown coffee," 2005

Yogi Times, "Caffe Ibis at the Sundance Film Festival," 2005

Alternative Health Magazine, "For a clear conscience, drink Caffe Ibis," 2005

Via Magazine, "Healthy Food Alternatives," 2004

Fresh Cup Magazine, "Café Femenino," 2004

Newsweek Magazine, "Tip Sheet: Must have Coffee Klatsch," 2003