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The Owners

Sally Sears, President & CEO

strawibisSally Sears is President and CEO of Caffe Ibis®, a 33-year-old award-winning Gallery/Deli and "Green Business." Sally’s passion for quality food and her commitment to sustainable business practices have brought local, regional, and national recognition to Caffe Ibis®, including multiple Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) "TOPS AWARDS."

As an early advocate of the Slow Foods movement and Local First, Sally has ensured that Caffe Ibis has always supported locally grown foods both in its earlier life as The Straw Ibis and in its current life as Caffe Ibis® Gallery/Deli. Sally has also taught natural and gourmet cooking at Utah State University and coauthored a book on "Heart Healthy Recipes" for Logan Regional Hospital.

Sally’s passion for social justice and environmental stewardship has put Caffe Ibis® at the epicenter of social and political events in rural northern Utah. With a strong conservation ethic, Sally holds that commitment and changes begin in your own backyard. She also believes that we vote daily with our dollars as consumers in the marketplace, and she is determined to provide coffees of quality that can justify the confidence of consumers while making a difference in the world. Her recent work with women coffee farmers of Café Femenino in the Peruvian highlands strengthened her commitment to this work.

Caffe Ibis® has appeared in The New Yorker Magazine, Via Magazine, Sunset Magazine, Salt Lake Magazine, and on KUTV Channel 2. In the spring of 2006 Sally was invited to Charlotte, North Carolina to participate on a panel entitled "The Entrepreneurial Couple" because of her 33 year business partnership with her husband, Randy Wirth.

Randy Wirth, Co-Owner & Roastmaster

loganRandy Wirth is the Co-Owner/Roastmaster of Caffe Ibis® Coffee Roasting Company. His passion for coffees of quality and his lifelong commitment to social justice and environmental stewardship led him to help pioneer Triple Certified, Organic, Fair Trade, and Smithsonian Certified Shade Grown "Bird-Friendly" coffee. Randy’s work with the women farmers of Café Femenino represents his next generation of commitment.

One of the earliest members of the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA), Randy also belongs to Coffee Kids, the Organic Trade Association, the Organic Coffee Association, the Organic Trade Association, Roasters Guild, Transfair USA (among the original 6 roasters), and Coop America. Randy has trained with some of the top roasters from Holland, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and Portland.

NewswRandy Wirth and Sally Searseek Magazine recognized Caffe Ibis® coffee for its great "cup quality in socially and environmentally sustainable coffee." In the past few years, Randy has contributed to articles in Organic Style, Roast Magazine, Via Magazine, Fresh Cup Magazine, Alternative Medicine Magazine, the Catalyst Magazine, Yogi Times, Coffee Magazine, and Total Health Magazine. Randy has also been a speaker on marketing sustainable coffees at several SCAA conferences and at the Bioneers Conference. In 2008, Randy was invited by Transfair USA to speak to the largest group of Fair Trade farmers ever gathered in the United States in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In 2009, Randy was also invited by the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center to be a panelist at the Partners in Flight Conference in McAllen, Texas.

Randy and Sally have also been guest speakers for university classes in sociology, political science, economics, marketing, environmental studies, ecology, and natural resources.

A Word from Our Owners

Thank you for your interest in Caffe Ibis® Coffee. Please feel free to contact Sally or Randy with any questions/concerns.

All the Best,
Sally Sears / Randy Wirth
CEO / Roastmaster
Caffe Ibis® Coffee Roasting Company, Inc.