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Organic Dark Side of the Moon

The absolute ultimate for the dark roast aficionado. This coffee is as dark as the back side of the moon!


Organic Flores

From the land of Komodo Dragons comes an Indonesian coffee that offers a full bodied experience.


Organic French Roast

Our most popular dark roast. It does well when brewed conventionally or run through an espresso machine.


Organic Rift Valley Blend

A classic African coffee with good body, brightness, and a hint of blueberries and chocolate.


Organic Moab Trail

Sweet and smooth with chocolate undertones and a clean finish.


Organic Moon Shot Espresso

A classic West Coast Style dark roast espresso featuring coffee origins from Africa, Indonesia and the Americas.


Organic Sedona Sunrise

An organic breakfast blend that is a great way to start out the morning!


Organic Nossa Senhora

Brazil's finest coffee, it is the highest grade of strictly soft-bean coffee. Small, fragrant beans possessing a fine-flavored, medium-bodied taste and mouth feel. Subtle snappiness that sharpens with age.


Organic Guatemalan Santa Rita

This stellar, dark roast offering has a dry aroma of black pepper and toast. A hint of vanilla and lots of dark chocolate in the cup combined with a graham cracker like sweetness, this coffee is the very definition of a smooth, clean cup.


Organic Light Side of the Moon

"Wake Up Now!" Complex, proprietary three-bean blend of certified organic coffees from Africa, Central & South America.



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