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Organic Ethiopian Arabian Night

Region: Ethiopia 

Tasting Notes: Berry, Candy, Chocolate

Roasting Level: Dark


Organic Kokowagayo

Region: Indonesia

Tasting Notes: Rustic Sweetness, Chamomile, Chocolate Syrup

Roasting Level: Medium



Organic Kokowagayo Dark

Region: Indonesia

Tasting Notes: Earthy, Black Pepper, Honeyed Raisins

Roasting Level: Dark



Organic Logan Canyon Blend

Region: Central American and Indonesian Blend

Tasting Notes: Spicy Pepper, Earthy, Chocolate, Citrus

Roasting Level: Medium and Dark Blend



Organic Colombian Huila

Region: Columbia

Tasting Notes: Stone Fruit, Spicy, Caramel

Roasting Level: Medium



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